Here are the contest winners.

The first three to respond with the right answer have won $25.

Karen Duhai*
Shaun Rufener*
Ashlyn Darae*
AM Harmon
Mandy Ford
Amy Beery
Greg Morgan
Terri McDonough
Karen Schroeder
Jenny Williams
Steve Schweitzer
Karen Garrett
Elena Jones
Richard Wehrle
Michael Birkel
Mallory Woodard
Brown Mujete
Andy Henry
Naomi Kraenbring
Katie Polzin
Grace Ji Sun Kim
Kristin Lorraine
Stephen Angell
John Jeremiah
Daniel Poole
Dan Ulrich
Hope Elizabeth Staton
Nancy Bowen
Amy Lutes
Rachel Witkovsky
Jim Higgenbotham
Julia Wheeler
Rachel Ulrich
Liz Parrish


This was the contest

All these letters and numbers are found in the natural world. Can you guess where?

You'll receive $25 if you are one of the first three people to submit the correct answer. You can find a hint if you look at the other images on our website.

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